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Why Is This Woman Hideing From Us--part 2

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well it been a very busy past weeks and i have news i have met the man from san antonio and he talk about deborah ann prater and one thing is that he have lots of infomation on this woman and when he was talking about deborah prater he just put it in words she a bad woman and she very good in scaming men so it was getting down to talking as we sat down north of the city and have some lunch he said that this woman was not tetting him everything before and after she was in gatesville crain unit at gatesville texas before she getting ready to get out he said that there was something that did not look right with her she had this evil smile and told him that dont write to her before she is release and at the time he did just that so when the day came she ask him to sent money to these 2 lawers one at dallas and the other some where else but she kept telling him that they needed the money now before she can move on to her temp home she told him that she was going to be in dallas for 3 months and from there she will be movein in with him that's when everything was about to change at this point . so as time went bye in the next 3 months or so it was not looking good from his point of view she kept telling him this and that and when she was senting him letters or a card if did not have no return address and he wanted to find out where she was he call the parole hot line to find out what's going on so when he call he found out she in longview , tx not in dallas as she has been telling him for the past months afther she got out from gatesville jail so he call her at her cell phone and ask her where she at near or at dallas that's when she show a diffent type of person she is and she was mad about it or lets say she got caught in her lies and thats when all hell was just begging to start after months later he told her he got a lawer and wants his money back if not he will file charges on her for scaming him so after a day later she got a lawer to settel it and she would pay him back $300 a month everything was going ok intill march of this year 2010 she stop paying him but as time went on he found out that he was not the only man seeing her she was seeing 2 men at the same time or diffent visits a month and it was not intill he was on a chat line that a woman was asking qustions about deborah ann prater .

so he spent the next hours talking to this person and then the person told him that she is woman that has her father been seeing her in the past and she been asking him for money in the past as both of them kept chating then he knew that she was not telling him everything in the first place and she useing a new name ----deborah logan prater

as it turn out he was right about everything !!!!!! she a lier and now he know who this other man is and he lives in seguin , texas and he retire and he is 92 and he too did not know notting about another man that was seeing deborah ann prater so both of these men talk and he has not talk to her for some months and he co sign a loan to get her a car but the family dont like her she notting but bad news in the first place it turn out that deborah prater has a daughter in seguin and the other man from san antonio did not know notting about her and did not know that deborah was seeing her ex husband name wayne logan in wills point , tx it was now comein clear to the other man from san antonio he know what he has to do he said that he will do what ever it takes to put deborah prater back in jail and he will not stop in till she in jail the family of the other man will support him and give him any infomation that he will need to get there money back for there father if not then puting her in jail will be ok with them

i will be getting more infomation from this man from san antonio very soon he would be happy to show me some infomation that he got from people he knows and want me to put them on this web blog soon so for now to any body that knows deborah ann prater ---AKA deborah logan prater from wills point,tx call the police i will get back soon on this bolg

thanks and see you soon

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Is This Woman Hideing From Us

hello : to all ! ! !

in the blog in the new year i came up with a case from the TDCJ and people who have been
talking about in the past year my investigation took me to crain unit in gatesville , texas and
the other units at gatesville as i went to hear more about the person that many are talking
about is the ex-inmate name : deborah ann prater inmate number TDCJ: 00625491 has many here saying alot about her i come here every 2 weeks to talk about how life here and many other
jails around texas i been comein here as far back 1986 and talk to many of the women and
men that are here in these jails and learn about how life and whats goes on here behind the walls .

in my last visit at crain unit at gatesville the women who i talk too and i will not say her name
told be about a woman that has been parole early in march or april of 2009 and when she got
out then many things about this woman deborah prater was beenin said now that she not there any more so as i talk to this person she said many things and what she told me i was shock and kind of tripping out about this person as we talk more intoo this story she told me that she made plans to find some one to scam so she hear about a website that other women are useing to find love and marrage ect.

so she sign up to the website friends behind the wall and write a these are prisoners that use this website to find not only love and other means but also scam people to help them in support letters to the parole board at austin and here the catch ! ! ! sent money to them in order to pay a lawer to help them get out of jail , so as i heard more about this scam that this woman deborah prater was doing in the few days afther the ad was put out she was getting more letters than the other inmates were getting like 15 plus a day and the mail room had to put them on the side to check them later now this is not your type of prisoner who get this much mail and i was wondering what up with this and why this woman is getting so much letters in a day or everyday ? ? ? ?

so i investigate more intoo this as i ask many other women that i know in what they said she was trying to get money support and support letter's to the parole board because she was not happy here any more and wanted to get out the sooner the better so she ask for money from the men that were writeing to her and she ask for help so of them sent money but afther they stop senting money to help her out she stop senting letters to them and dont want notting to do with them anymore so she goes to the next guy and it was the same too intill one guy started to write her that was in early in 2007 in the mean time she kept trying to see which man she will write
to more so as i listing to the inmate she said she wanted to keep in touch with the other men
and will do so from this point and will see if this new guy will fall for her scam and will help her
in paying for a lawer and so on , as she got everything in place she wrote to this guy and
what i understand he was a good hard working guy and wanted to settle down

to make this story short because it will go on and on so this guy started to she this woman deborah prater every month and they kept in touch every other week intill her parole date
they were seeing each other for the next 2 years and everything was going good intill she told him she had a son name : jason wayne logan now i dont know how he felt about this guy but what i understand he was ok with him and deborah wanted him to see him too so he was makeing to trips to see these 2 inmates a month

now as i went to talk to the gards at crain unit they told me she was seeing some other guy that was on her list well that what they told me so anyway in what they said she been keepin in touch with other men and seein them as for the other men from her mail list i went to find this mail list to find out who was on her mail list i cant say who was on it but as i made a copy from this list she had i saw many red flags and i see she did not only lie to this guy who she was seein but she was a no good woman before she was getting out she told some of the girls that she knew not to say notting about what happening but still she was makein plans to leave this guy afther her payments to people she knew were paid before and afther she got out one of the inmate told me she had some letters to these 2 men and she told her not to tell them where you got these address of there letters and when she gets out she told some of here inmate friends that she will keep in touch with them but that was a lie she did sent 1 letter to them but afther that she never wrote again and that was back in june 2009

so what ever happen to this nice guy that deborah was seeing for 2 years ? ? ? ?
it was not intill aug. 2009 i got a letter from one of the girls she told me in her letter that she hear that deborah never went home to him she use him to go back home in longview she said also that she had a friend in the dallas parole division and he wrote her back an said she had allready made plans to live in dallas or longview there was notting said in what other town that deborah had on her list that what he got and she said allso that what she been hearin that deborah was useing this guy to get anything from him and she was still keeping in touch with other men that she was still getting letters from them why she was still seeing him bottom line from this she was hideing everything from this guy and he did not know notting about it

as i read more from my friend from crain unit she also said she was not the person that you want to be with because she was bad news in the first place and she did not have many friends
she was a quite person and did not want nobody to what she doing in the first place there were
times that if something like a letter that has information that she did not want the gards to
know about she rips up the letter in many times she can so they wont know what in the letter
as tell the people that saw this she goes to them and says -- (dont say anything ok)

now there was one thing about deborah that she was seeing woman and spentin time with a gay woman and i did talk to her and i wont say her name because she dont want notting to do with deborah she told me and made it clear she notting to her anymore and will tell me anything
that i want to know and boy she let it out big time i wont say what but i will later in time
she said afther she left she did get 1 letter after that she never heard from her again so she got
notting to hide now that she not there any more she feels she notting more that an lie and dont
care anymore

as we go back to the guy see was seeing i will be getting a letter soon from one of the inmate as she will tell me who this guy that deborah was seeing and i will investigate this matter and find
out where he lives and call him and see to have a meeting with him and talk about what he
thinks about deborah now that if i get in touch with him but im not to worry i will find him
afther i get his address from one of the inmate she has his address i ask her how did you get
it in the first place she said when deborah was seein her husband that what she call him so
why she was seein him some of girls went to her locker and started to find address of these guys
she was seeing and get any other infomation that she got and write them on paper they had 2
hours to do this and they had to work fast just in case she might come back sooner so they got
what they wanted and kept going everytime she had a vistior that comes to see her and they
got the guy address that she was seeing every other week

she said what happens behind the walls stays behine the walls and nobody dont say notting
thats intill one of them is parole and they will talk when she is out they did get some letters
from her and made copys of them how did they do this i dont know but she told me she dont
want to say how because the gards will find out and they will stop this but she did get copys
of deborah letters i will be getting these copys of these letters soon and i can wait to get them
and read them one bye one and read the mind of deborah prater

ok my friends now i will get to the good stuff now it now march or april 2009
my investigating now leads to deborah prater as i look intoo her parole she was release in april 24 2009 and she was been release in the dallas dpo 1 in dallas tx to go directly to a approved
residential plan and report to her parole officer but ? ? ? she wanted to move to longview , tx
and move in with her ex mother and father in law and she will be on livin with them and be on
a electronic monitoring for 3 months i did call some people that i know in dallas and longview
who work with the police and the FBI and i did get lots of infomation on this deborah prater
now the one thing is that some of her information is that she has 3 numbers on her and 2 of them are cell phones now why does she need 2 cell phones and why does she have a home
number that belongs to another person at a diffent address ? ? ? that does not make sense
and why does she have diffent names to go bye that too does not make any sense
im thinking that she use these diffent names and diffent phone and cell numbers to keep in
touch with people she knew before she got out and to this day she keeping in touch with these
people or men she knew

so i check intoo this and i found out was that she keeping in touch with them and makein trips
with out her parole officer knowin this and she not linvin at the address most of the time she
been livein most of her time with a ex and ex mother in law some where in vanzandt county or
wills pt. texas and she been seeing her son jason wayne logan in polunsky unit livingston , tx
and she been drivein back and forth as for the address she staying with as for now i did some
checking on this the people she calls family there are 3 people livin in this home and i will get
there names later but they have been coveing up for deborah and not telling any one
in what she been doing or just not saying notting in where she at i had some people to ask
questions around the area about them and what i got they are old foks and one livin at the
home like i said in what they said they see deborah now an then but dont see her alot around
there not very much somebody picks her up to see her parole officer and she never comes back
for the rest of the day as when they see her she dont talk to many people around her very

if she was looking around to see if someone is watching her some where out there in the
neighborhood she talks to people she knows on the next bock but still she talks to people she
knows as many of the people that she dont know many around near the home say they heard
about her but did not know her well thats intill my people told them who she is and they were
not happy about what kind of person she is the neighbors will keep an i eye on her i show them
a photo of her and now that they know what she looks like they will keep watch

i wanted to also know more about her son and i did a background check on him and there were
alot on him he was incarcerated in 2007 just about when his mother was makein plans to scam
her way out in jail as for her son jason he was charge in aggravated robbery / parole violation
driving while lic suspended /theft /burglary of vehicle /burglary of habitation -felony 2nd
degree /and on the FBI list / i had my people to find out more on this guy as they show up and
talk to people inside they toll alot about him on one visit on sunday he had a visitor and
it was no other than his mother -- deborah prater she gain some weight she look like she was
about near 200 lbs or so it look like from what my people told me so my people took photos
of her at the jail and sent them back to me so now i have her update pics now

i want to let all of you women that sent letters to this person jason logan dont trust him and
dont give him any money or support at all walk away from this person he not good just like
his mother and dont let the smile fool you he no more that a scam and he does have a kid
and the information i found out he and his mother are trying to get the child from his mother
because of her crime as i see it his ex is no diffent and her and jason and his mother deborah
were doing drugs and crime before they went to jail this family and the other family are just
mess up and they all have incidents just like any other family

if anyone wants to do a backgroung check on these people here is what you have to do go to
the website dallas county criminal background search service and type the name listed below
on deborah ann prater
go to the dallas county criminal background search service
type deborah ann prater
date of birth is aug 21 1961
once you do that you will see her criminal file this will help you know about this woman
and give you an idea what kind of person she is

if you know where she at call the police and let them know remember she on parole and if she
not at longview , tx then it would be best to let the police know she in your town because
she not where she suppost to be then call my people say she cant be trusted and dont beleave
her in what she says
as for her son jason logan
do that same and look up at the dallas criminal background check
his date of birth is may 8 1981
and you will see his criminal file
and remember to all women that sent a letter to him and just want to be his pen pal dont
beleave in everything in his letter he will be just like his mother they want you to beleave in
what you want to beleave that in your head , i have found many scams in the bureau
of prisons and the one thing that many men and women have done is to have you sent money
and support letters to get them out and the bad part of this they dont go home to you they
make think still they are comein home to you many of you feel so mad about this as bye then
you should know it a wake up call to all of you that sent money and support letters to these
inmates there are real good people in the jails and want to start a new life but they get the bad
rap because of many scams in every prison in texas so it very hard to find real love and
marrage and hope but many of them are left out and will never find the real good person that
they hope and settell down with a love one

and many of them dont tell the truth because they are inside and you dont know if they are
seeing someone else i see this alot it a game to them and they have all the time in the world
and dont care about you feeling and when you see them how do you know if they are not
seeing someone else ? ? ? think about it look at the case of this woman deborah ann prater in
what she done to some guy he beleave in her and what the women said he love her alot and
wanted to settell down with her but did not he is just one of many people that were lie and
had there hopes and dreams cut just like that and when i find this guy i sure he will say alot
and he will said it in anger because of her and what she did not said to him before she got out
at crain unit

every person has the right to speak there peace and say it in there owe words and it should
not be kept in the dark beacuse of this and these parole inmates want to keep quite and walk
away ---------i dont think so---------these ex inmates that fool many of you should speak
and say something about it as i see they are on parole and have no rights they are still on the
texas of criminal justice list and they are like many of them dont say where they are going or
where they are at i see this from many parole men and women and as time goes bye they are
caught and put back in jail i have investigate many criminals and paroles and still they think
they can beat the system if we the people let the police know whats going on and say something
about it then do it call the police and let the neighborhood know who at you area

i have one note on this woman deborah prater in case you think you know her she useing other
names this is the list in what i found out
1--deborah freeman
2--deborah prater
3--debrah prater -- thats with out the letter O
4--deborah freeman prater

this will let you know she useing other name and i hope this will help you
i will later keep you update on my investigation on deborah and jason

thank to all who help me in this investigation case and it not over an to my friends in the dallas
police and FBI thanks for your help and the people at crain unit at gatesville and livingston
and to the rest that i have not said my thanks to you too

take care my friends and i will get to my next blog and give you an update
see you soon
june 1 2010
hello, my friends well i got some new update in the past days i have been talking to so many people and i got lots of infomation and here what i got at this time my first stop was to talk to a woman gard in gatesville there were some that i talk too and they dont want there name to be said and that's fine with me they wanted to have meet some where where they can't been seen so i pick a place like 5 miles from gateville crain unit so we got togetter and then that when we girls got to talk about deborah prater as i begain to talk about her they said they knew she was scaming men for some time and many of the other women prisoner's did knew about it and did not want to say anything about that when deborah was release and then they start talking about her in the next hours so much was said they knew she was seeing a guy from san antonio and he was there every 2 weeks or so i ask them if they knew his name and they got prater visiting list from her file in gateville crain unit they told me it was not easy getting it but they did and as i look at it there were other names on the list sorry friends but i will say who they are at this time but i know there name's on this list and other good news from the gards that give me her prisoner account and how much money and the people that sent her money on this list was this man from san antonio it hard to beleave he was sent her about $200 dollars or more a month i could not understand why ? ? ? he would sent so much the gards told me she did had a way with men in the past but some of them stop seeing her afther she wanted money from them they knew she did had a website an just like the other girl they pick the site of prisoners like that was wite a prisoner dot com and from the website she was getting letters every day and the mail room had to put them on hold intill they look at them one bye one to find anything .
as they told me more they knew she was up to something and with money comein intoo her account from this man from san antonio something did not look right and deborah was getting worry about it and they wanted to question her about many things and she did worry about it her parole was comein up and if she did anything wrong she could have her parole drop and there would not be any hope for her and any infomation that she had she rips up letters or any thing that they had if can be use at her i did find out who was her bunk room mate and she did said that she was useing this guy and she knew that was her way out just as long he beleave's in her and hope he and her will live togetter but she did not her room mate did say that she wanted to go to longville to take care of business and then move with her ex so but she did say she did not want to say very much because she was a quite person and kept it to her self well it looks like this woman deborah did have something to hide and did not want her room mate to know alot in what she doing as for the gards it looks like i have all the infomation that i will need and my next mission is to talk to this guy in san antonio now that i have his address i will get to that later.
next stop is to longview ,tx it a cool drive to longview and when i got there it a small town and not much going on her and i look for the address that look up in her background file when i got there i found the address that she use to live there and i park and start asking around some of them did knew her but she did not talk very much and other did the people on the next block said she was a nice person but they did not know her very well so they did want to say she spend her time with some man she was seeing and did go there alot and she visit her friend name donna the live down the street it looks like she did not spent time around here very much so i did some more looking around and did find one woman she told me that deborah has been going to wills point alot and she been with the man who she did not know notting about .
ok i know there not very much to find out here in this town so on to wills point texas as i got there it is a small town and when i started to ask around about deborah prater bingo i found this woman and show her deborah photo and she knew her and told me she lives not to far from her and she did give me her address as i started to ask more about her the woman did told me she works and is a very nice person to work with but when i told her in what she done she could not beleave she scam a guy and told his money an run she was caught off gard about this and i show her file and photos of her from gatesville she did not think she was from prison she been telling everybody she live in dallas and wanted to settle down here i told her she on the run and she owes money to a guy in san antoino i think she will not talk to her very much now .
and now whats next my friends ?????? i will sent a letter to this man in san antonio and see if he wants to talk about deborah prater i beleave he will have lots to say about this so i will wait in the next days or weeks to see what he will do that is to sent me a letter back and meet some where or he will be thinking about it hard to say at this time but i will let you know
i will be back---and let you know and thank you to the gards of gateville crain unit and others that are helping me in this case and there names will not be said here

see you in a few days or weeks -----------thanks

                                                    NEW UPDATE NEWS
new update please look at my other blog crime watch and twenty first century invstmnt i will get more information when it comes along soon .